The Entitled Generation

I am all about respect. I really am. I hate being disrespected, I think it’s safe to say that everybody does. Do you know what I’ve realized about respect, though?

My generation is a hell of a lot more aware of how it’s supposed to work. Look at it this way. How many millenials do you know who actually disrespect someone for no reason? For the most part, we’re pretty respectful of everything.  Waitresses, cashiers, bus drivers, fast food employees. Seriously everything.
We respect those who deserve it. If they are respectful of us, we are respectful of them. It makes sense, it’s logical. Basic rule of alchemy, right? You can’t get more out than what you put in. It makes fucking sense.

Yet it seems like we’re the ones who get the bad rap for being disrespectful. All the while “real adults” (let’s go with anyone over the age of 32) think they deserve respect simply because they’re older. They’re older, they treat us like garbage, and yet we should respect them. I have never felt this way about it, I wasn’t raised like that. You respect the people who deserve it, and you don’t respect the ones who don’t.  Surprisingly, this went on to include family and elders.

I’m not initially rude or anything, don’t get that twisted. But I have a very set belief system and I’m unwilling to bend it because some crotchety old biddy thinks I should respect her just because she’s older.

We’re  the entitled generation because we want answers to things like, “Why is the housing market ruined? Why are black people still being gunned down in the street? Why is the LGBT community still considered less human? Why did you guys fuck everything up?” But at least we understand that you don’t get what you don’t deserve.

Talk about entitled.


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