No Faculty, No Students

​As a student at Edinboro University,  I want to start by saying that I really do love this school. I love the people I have met, I love the environment, and I love (most of) the professors that I have had the honor of sharing a classroom with. 

With that being said, I do not feel like I am receiving the education I am paying for. Edinboro is one of the cheaper schools in the area, but I am still left paying an outrageous amount of money for the education I am getting. After three years here, I truly still do not feel as though I have learned anything I didn’t already know, and a contributing factor is that many of the tenured English professors do not care about their students, only the paycheck and the furtherment of their writing careers. As it stands, I am already paying too much money, this not counting room and board or food. 

For me, I am sorely disappointed by the fact that our university does not honor and respect the faculty as the students do, and I am severely put out by the idea that the university does not honor and respect us as students, only the money we provide. 

I am not here for a lesser education,  and I will not sit idly by while the university raises the cost of our tuition while lowering the standards of our education.  

I stand with EUP’s faculty. 

No Faculty, No Students.


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