Sterilization at 22 (Part Five)

I honestly wasn’t going to write anything else on this subject until after my post-op appointment. But I’ve spent the last few days healing, and I think that’s a journey that everyone should be familiar with, too. 

My ligation was four days ago. They sent me home with norco and ibuprofen. That was it. The first day home, I slept a LOT. My eyes were closing every three minutes. And I was sore. I’ve been in worse pain, so I didn’t think much of it, but the pain is nothing to laugh at. 

The surgeon suggested that I don’t stay in bed the whole time, so the second day I walked home from my mother in law’s. As it turns out, that was too much too soon and I spent the next couple days in bed. 

They gave me just enough norco, as of yesterday ibuprofen was enough to cut it, so long as I’m careful not to bump the incisions. 

With the basics out of the way, I think it’s time we talk about some of the…gross things that happen when you get your tubes tied. 

As I mentioned in part four, I went into this procedure on my period. The bleeding had essentially stopped after the procedure. Spotting has resumed, though I am certain that it is not my regular period. The fact that I don’t spot aside, the color is completely off. (I don’t care if that’s gross, vagina health is the incredibly important, and all vagina having folks should be able to distinguish between normal and not normal.) I’ve been wearing a pad, although the spotting is so infrequent that I probably don’t need to, but who wants to ruin nice panties? 

I was warned that my first period after the procedure would be different than normal. If it’s anything like this spotting, it will be considerably lighter. 

Now, sticking to the subject of vaginas, let’s talk about orgasms for a moment. It hurts. The surgeon instructed we avoid sex for a  week, and we have done so. I’ll spare you the details of how an orgasm came to pass, but I’ll tell you how it felt. Now, vagina having folks understand what terrible period cramps can feel like. It’s unbearably painful sometimes, feeling like you’re being punched directly in the ovaries. 

This is what that very first orgasm felt like. I don’t know if that will be easier after the first week, but as of the third day, it hurt like hell. 

Time to talk about poop! There are two incisions, one IN the belly button and one right on the pubic hair line. At first pooping was not a concern of mine. Norco is a narcotic, and those are notorious for causing constipation. As a couple days passed, I realized that pooping should be a concern of mine. And it turns out, I was right. At the point in time I was finally able to go, I hadn’t gone in four days. I was considerably backed up, and the movement through my intestines caused so much pain throughout the incisions. From there, it was just incredibly uncomfortable. Not quite painful, just uncomfortable. 

After four days, the incisions are clearing up a bit. There’s some bruising, but they don’t look at all as angry as they did when the procedure first happened. The pain is mostly gone now, it feels more like the aftermath of a serious work out than it does a surgery. The area itself is still tender to touch (so careful in the shower) but it doesn’t cause problems on its own. 

My incisions were sealed with a type of glue, but the edges/scab area are extremely dry and rigid, so careful that clothing doesn’t snag. 

Four days later, and the most uncomfortable of things out of the way, and I’m feeling exceptionally good about this decision. 

The pubic incision. They did a great job putting my tattoo back together
The belly button incision, just sort of extends my belly button down.