Sterilization at 22 (Part 2)

With surgery two weeks away, I thought I’d tackle this subject again! This time, instead of going over basics, I’m going to answer some questions I expect to be asked. 

Q: If sterilization is about as effective as temporary birth control, why not just use birth control?

A: Quite simply, I don’t want to. I don’t want temporary birth control. I want a permanent option, because this is a permanent choice. I don’t want kids. Ever. 

Q: Not ever?

A: Nope. Not ever ever. 

Q: What if your husband wants children?

A: I didn’t come to this decision on my own. My husband and I discussed it at great lengths. In fact, shortly after we got together, I told him I would never provide him with children (assuming I could safely carry), and if that was what he wanted, we wouldn’t work. 

Q: And he’s okay with it?

A: He’s been incredibly supportive (if not the most supportive) with this entire process. He understands what this means to me, and he respects it. 

Q: Aren’t you a little young for this?

A: I was a little young for kidney failure and long term hospitalization, but that still happened. Yes. I am a little young. In fact it’s shocking I found a doctor who agreed. But this is what I want. 

Q: What about post tubal ligation syndrome?

A: Aside from the fact that there’s no supporting evidence that it exists? I highly doubt that I’m going to get depressed that I made the conscious decision to never reproduce. 

Q: But you’d make a great mother! Doesn’t that matter?

A: Thanks. But I still don’t want to be a mother. 

Q: Don’t you like kids?

A: I don’t, actually. Like at all. 

Q: But you’re so good to my kids!

A: I treat your kids like tiny humans. Because they are still humans. 

Q: Aren’t you worried you’ll regret this decision someday? 

A: No. I’m not. I’ve wanted this since I was 12 or so. I knew I wanted it more after I became sexually active. And now I’m married. To my soul mate. Surprisingly, I still don’t want kids ever. 

Q: What about the risks? 

A: it’s a low risk procedure. Most of the risk comes with anesthetics. Or ectopic pregnancies. 

Q: Are you worried about them?

A: Nooot really. No. 

Q: so you’re really going through with this?

A: yes. Without a doubt. 
Those are just a few I can think of. But if you have any questions feel free to ask.